EXHIBIT: Harmony In Art. Showing Sept 19-Oct 6, 2015.

Posted on 19 September 2015 by BottleBrush Gallery (0)

We are pleased to announce: Harmony in Art, an exhibit featuring 11 of the Gallery’s artists, on display from Saturday, September 19 through Tuesday, October 6. The selected art followed the theme of images of Harmony or items made from materials found in the town of Harmony. The exhibit includes watercolors by Mary Koepke including her Co-Creator Series of Christmas Market vendors’ portraits; oils and watercolors by Bill Perry; watercolors by Joan Scheuring; photography by Sandy Ferrainola, Dan Senneway and Dean Ziegler; paintings on roof slates from the old Sapienza Building by MJ McCurdy; woven scarves and a hat from Harmony sheep’s wool by Lissa Napora; soap made by Bo Patterson from beer served at The Harmony Inn; ceramic Virgin Sophia molds by Colleen Weaks; and a watercolor painting of The Harmony Inn by former Bottlebrush artist Sally Jones Rodgers, now deceased.

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